What makes a good school?

This week I want to start from my own schooling experience. It was a long time ago! My primary school was where I could be challenged and study at my pace. There was no technology back then,  but my teacher had a set of cards (worksheets actually)  that were in different boxes according to your level. This meant that you wanted to get those in the top levels and this worked much like leveling up in video games today. Then you had days when the big quiz took place. You could choose a subject among those on the big board and also the difficulty of the questions. This allowed me to gain much self esteem and be motivated in learning.  At high school I went to a Catholic nun school. The souvenir I have was of a very welcoming place,  where I could stay even beyond lesson if I wanted to complete something I hadn’t finished during lesson. There was always one of the nun teachers ready to help you and answer your questions. Definitely I was never taught to the test,  but my motivation was greatly pampered and the awareness of my skills was fostered.
So,  a good school is where students feel “happy”, as Dr. Jane Perryman says. That is a place where the students is at ease and welcome; where his/her special skills are allowed to surface and grow. No test can do this! It is just a constant listening and observing by the teacher that can allow this. Ranking of schools according to exam scores can be misleading; although my idea is that if real learning took place,  then exams are not a problem.
Recently also in my countries there is some assessment of schools. It is however much different from the Ofsted one. Schools carry out self assessment according to national criteria and then make up a plan to improve weaknesses. There is no external inspector and the aim is mainly that of improving the system. Of course,  this document is publicly available and parents can access it, but there is no national or local ranking.  Usually parents choose a school for their children,  beside by word of mouth,     also based on the document in which the school details its vision and cultural and educational offer.
I want to try and answer the initial question. A good school is that which is able to inspire students, make them curious. A good school is a place where I go everyday and is part of my life, not totally reminded from it. Where I can found an answer to my questions and people who can help me in this.